Collection: Pure Mysore Silk Saree

The Mysore silk crepe is woven from hardspun silk yarn and is one of the most widely used form of silk across India. The Mysore silk comes from the city of Mysore in Karnataka, India The earliest mentions of the silken crepe fabric can be traced back to 1785 AD. This was the time when the first silk cocoons where imported to Mysore. It was Tipu Sultan, a great Indian warrior, who in the pursuit of making Mysore a great land, first imported cocoons of silk from China. During Tipu Sultan’s regime, sericulture was formally introduced to Mysore. Thereafter, sericulture became one of the most important industries of Karnataka. Since Mysore silk crepe belongs to an era of ancient India, it traditionally is made of pure silk with gold Zari.  Inspired by the natural ambiance and customs of the time, the Mysore silk crepe saree got a face that preserves the heritage of India. Buy exclusive Mysore crape silk sarees at Sudarshan Silk which has proven to be a shopper's delight in wedding sarees, silk sarees for all generations of families. MYSORE SILK ALSO KNOWN AS CRAPE SILK SAREES, WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IN WHOLE SALE PRICES. , India United States United Kingdom Finland Sri Lanka Malaysia Canada Australia Bangladesh France Singapore Switzerland Fiji Bahrain and all

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