Collection: Cotton Saree

Brilliantly woven fabric, kanchi cotton is the glory of the city of Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu. Known as the Textile unit of the south, Kancheepuram has given to the world genuine and high quality fabrics. These fabrics have indeed swept the world off their feet They are basically hand spun variety of fabrics made available at various handlooms in South India. Every part of this woven fabric gives out exquisitely beautiful cotton wear. The Kanchi cotton sarees are indeed the most fashionable wear in the state of Tamil Nadu. History records that the Kanchi cotton weavers are descendants of Sage Markanda who used to weave various fabrics for the Gods. Cotton was Lord Shiva’s favorite fabric and, the weavers of Kanchi are the descendants of those who used to weave this fiber for the lord using Lotuses. Sudarshan Sliks is your saree shopping paradise in Bangalore. Our collection comprise latest fascinating fancy sarees with embroidery, zari work and prints. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IN WHOLE SALE PRICES. , India United States United Kingdom Finland Sri Lanka Malaysia Canada Australia Bangladesh France Singapore Switzerland

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