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A salwar kameez is a classic Indian garment, currently amongst the most stylish and in-demand garments around. Unstitched salwar kameez refers to salwar suits that are purchased before the tailoring is done. Thus they are essentially cut pieces of cloth which can then be stitched as per individual requirements. An unstitched salwar suit typically consists of three separate pieces in lengths suitable for the item they are intended to be utilized for, i.e., the salwar or pants, the kameez or long shirt and the dupatta or scarf.  Generally the longest piece of about 4.5 metres is reserved for the kameez. The main advantage of purchasing unstitched salwar suits is that they can be tailored according to personal taste, requirements and body types This is especially important for the salwar, a well-fitting piece meant to flatter the curves of a woman in a modest and appealing manner. The unstitched salwar kameez material can be custom tailored, either at home or at a professional tailor’s shop, to drape the figure perfectly in a classy yet attractive way. n case of the salwar, the shape is distinctive and getting the fitting right with a pre-stitched piece can be quite difficult. With the unstitched fabric, one can choose the exact measurements to ensure both comfort and elegance

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