Collection: Kurti

Kurti leggings can be worn on formal occassions but should be preferably light coloured, close fitted and obviously crisply ironed and clean. A dupatta is a must forformal occassions, for example, an interview. ... Anarkali suits, or kurtis with the dressy, umbrella cuts are also NOT formal. Key difference: The primary difference between Kurta and Kurti is nothing more than their lengths. Kurta are normally long, typically knee or calf length, whereas aKurti is often short measuring at waist or hip length. Both Kurta and Kurti aredifferent types of tops that can be worn. Kurti. In modern usage, a short kurta is referred to as the kurti,which is the attire of females. ... The trend and origin of this clothing style is from the northern India and even today the other parts of the nation though modernalized wear kurti but it is worn by females majorly in north while the south prefers saree. The Kurti or Kurta is an outfit that has stretched beyond the Indian borders, and has evolved down the ages to suit the ever-changing demands of the fashion forward world.  A long top, generally of knee-length, paired with Salwar or Churidar and Dupatta is what comprises the Salwar-Kurti-Dupatta get-up

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