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Dhoti kurta is the traditional Indian clothing of men. Unlike other dresses, it is an unstitched piece of cloth usually 5 yards long that is tied around the waist and legs. The knot is tied at the waist. Dhoti is known by different names at different places such as Laacha in Punjabi, dhuti in Bangla, veshti in Tamil, panche in Kannada, mundu or veshti in Malayalam, dhotar in Marathi, and pancha in Telugu etc. In Northern parts of India, dhoti is worn along with Kurta and together the attire is called "Dhoti Kurta". In South India, men wear it with an "angavastram", which is also an unstitched piece of cloth that is draped over the shoulders.  Sometimes, it is worn along with a shirt known as "chokka". In certain parts of the country, men wear Lungi, which is a similar piece of unstitched cloth, which is draped in the same manner as Dhoti.  It is mostly worn on the informal occasions. However, Dhoti is concerned to be a formal ethnic dress in India. More often, men prefer wearing dhoti on the traditional family occasions. Even in the posh colonies, men wear their traditional dress dhoti PURE SILK DOTHIS FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE , India United States United Kingdom Finland Sri Lanka Malaysia Canada Australia Bangladesh France Singapore Switzerland

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