Collection: GHAGRA CHOLI

Buy latest lehenga sarees, wedding lehenga choli ,and bridal lehenga cholis with varieties of designs and collection at the online store of Sudarshan Silk. Indian fashion is full of many gorgeous types of textiles, techniques and designs. There are many different types of garments worn across the country in different regions Many of which have broken out of their traditional demographics and become popular with modern women as well as people from other countries. Among these is the glorious Ghagra choli. One of the most ancient garments from India, the Ghagra choli is renowned for its elegance, beauty and traditional look. A Ghagra choli essentially consists of three pieces. The upper wear garment is called the ‘choli’. It is a well-fitted blouse that varies in length depending on the look of the over-all garment. The Ghagra is the long skirt that usually reaches all the way till the floor. It can be of different types of fits, from a straight cut, circular cut or a-line cut to a mermaid cut. The outfit is completed with a flowing scarf called the dupatta.

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