Collection: Mojari Shoes

The mojari has an M shaped front which is known as ‘Panna’ which is usually intricately embellished or designed with similar patterns on the side and back of the shoe. mojaris on the other hand, had a soft rounded front which was closed and resembled the modern day ballerina footwear.  Originally made out of pure leather and have exquisite embroidery and additional embellishments that give it a unique appeal. From day to day wear, weddings, religious occasions, to parties and festivals, mojaris provide an essential ethnic appeal to the person wearing them. mojari or mojari was first patronized by the Mughals and were extremely popular amongst the kings and the queens who belonged to the richest era of Indian history.  Rajasthan in particular was a hub, where the making of these exquisite shoes first originated. The style of mojari back then was far more ornate and rich in texture and design which incorporated fine gems, stones, and precious pearls. 

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